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Dear Future Self

Today in class you should write a letter to your future self.

CPI Macbeth Project

Final project for Macbeth due in class or in Google Drive by 2pm Thursday 3/30

CPI Term Paper Rough Draft

Your term paper rough draft is due by the end of the day Monday March 6, 2017.


  • aiming for a minimum of 4 pages
    • introduction paragraph, minimum of two body paragraphs, concluding paragraph
  • include personal header at top left of first page (NO TITLE PAGE)
  • include your last name and page number in top right of each page
  • double-spaced Times New Roman size 12 font
  • Works cited page following the final page of your paper


  • MLA “quick tips” – may also go to the Owl at Purdue
  • basic criteria for an introduction and concluding paragraph
  • Further clarification of how to properly cite sources in a works cited page (information taken from the Owl)
  • Works Cited example (use your source cards to assist you)
  • Common issues within formal writing
  • Final checklist before submitting your rough draft
  • Rubric to be used for your rough draft and final draft
    • “revision” portion will only be included in final draft rubric.
    • students who do not complete sufficient revisions between their rough draft and final draft will lose those 10 points.

CPII Term Paper Final Draft

The period 3 CPII senior term paper final draft is due by the end of the day Monday 3/6.

We will continue to work in the computer lab each day this week. Monday I will focus on making sure your paper is properly formatted and includes a works cited page.

Items to check prior to submitting final draft

Formatting reminders

Final Rubric

On Tuesday 3/7 we will begin reading Macbeth in class.
Anyone who has not met the requirements of the term paper at this point will be required to complete it on their own or stay after school with me until they receive a passing grade.

Term 3 Extra Credit assignment

Mrs. Janovitz’s AP class come up with a 30 Day Responsible Citizenship challenge for the month of March.

Students  who choose to partake in the entire month may receive extra credit in term 3.

Register for the challenge!


Calendar of daily challenges

Tues 2/28 CPI assignment

Partner up and find real work examples based on the essential questions you read yesterday. You should have examples of:

  1. fate being external vs. internal
  2. circumstances where power corrupted a person vs. circumstances where a person was unchanged by their power

Once this is complete watch this Tedx on the connections between Hip Hop and Shakespeare: Be prepared to explain what “Hip Hop” means according to our presenter. Start a list of modern musicians who you think are “woke”.

The lists you create for both these activities will be used for later activities/assignments and will be checked off for credit tomorrow.

CPI Senior Term Paper outline

Tuesday, February 14, 2017 students received a grade and feedback on their term paper research.

They were then instructed to sort their evidence by common topic in order to begin organizing the main points of their paper.

Each student has been provided with their own outline template that they need to fill in by the end of the day Friday, February 17, 2017. These are in their individual Term Paper Google Drive folders.

In order to meet the 4 page minimum of the final paper students should be aiming for an outline that is at least two pages in length. I will be continuing to check each student’s progress within that document throughout the week.

The outline will be graded over vacation in order to begin the rough draft upon our return to school.

Example outline.

CPI Senior Term Paper Research

A notice has been sent home to parents and guardians announcing the beginning of the term paper, which is a graduation requirement.

Students wrote proposals for their topics and have begun compiling possible sources.

All research is due Friday 2/10/17 for a major grade. (Examples of work)
This assignment includes:

Annotated Sources: aim to have these done by the end of class Tuesday 2/7

  • you must have 4 sources
    • can print an article from online, a section of a website or photocopy a section of a book.
    • you can annotate in a application as long as you can upload it into your Google Drive folder
  • these should have your notes on them – further explain a topic, note how you will use a quote, simply label a stat, etc.


Source Cards: aim to have these done by the end of class Wednesday 2/8

  • Must have one card per source
    • List a proper citation (author, title, location, etc.)
  • minimum of two primary sources
  • minimum of four total


Note Cards: must be done by the end of class Friday 2/10

  • Minimum of 15 note cards
  • you must have AT LEAST one note card from each of your sources
  • from different primary sources (statistics, laws, studies, etc)
  • from different secondary sources (articles, opinion, arguments, etc.)
  • each card should one ONE piece of information on it – each different subject matter, theme, statistic, law, quote, etc. should be on a separate note card
  • you may have as many note cards from one source as you want (meaning you could have more than 15 total note cards)

Massachusetts opioid epidemic

Today our juniors and seniors will attend an assembly where Chris Herren will share his story with them. Herren will return to BHS this evening at 7pm to allow parents and other members of the community to come and hear his message as well. ESPN films made a documentary about Herren titled Unguarded.

Herren’s story has increasingly become important as Massachusetts, as well as the rest of the country, is facing a rise in opioid use and addiction.

This issue seems to affect all demographics in America. Here are some links to further your awareness of the topic or act as resources for anyone who seeks help:

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